Quad Class Newsletter · October 2007


Hilo High School  Quad Class Newsletter

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October/November 2007


The Class of 1958 has a website www.hilohigh1958.com.  Please check it out.  The Quad Class newsletter is on it, besides other interesting tidbits.  Harvey Sakai is in charge of it, please contact him if you have something to say.


Heard from several sources that the 1957 class reunion in Hilo was great.  They had 211 attendees!!!


Seen in Las Vegas:  

Class of ’57: Carmen Canda, Harold Tonda, M/M Ron Koga.


Class of ’58: Abel Wakida, Senator Lorraine Rodero Inouye, Oshiro &  Higa (didn’t get their first names), Lester & Leanne Chuck.


Class of’59: Jennie Hashiro, Ronald “Poto” Kunishima, Dennis Oshiro, Janet Ichinose, Maria Simeon Kunihiro, Kenneth Nagata, Elroy & Blossom Kelii, Jean Teruya Okuma, Carol Camero Calbero, Harvey Hirata


Class of ’60: Patrick Carreira, Bobo & Ernesta Lapina, Lily Kan, Irene Shintani, Roy Aratani, Paul & Grace Shiota, Gertude & Jimmy Takemoto, Jeanne Higashi, Douglas Endo, Elsie Hirayama Oka, Lucialen Cabison Costales, David Kawamura, Sharon Yoshioka Kawagoe, Edna Shigeoka Murasaki, Kenneth Matsuo, Mel Sasamura, Ronald Sakaki, Ron & Lorraine Hora, Ray & Elaine Sakai, Carlene Inokoji Kim, Margie Hirata


Pray for Larry Manliguis ‘60 who is very ill, also for Helen Makaimoku Gomes ’60, she was in the hospital. 


More sad news of deceased classmates:  Patrick Mattos ’58, Mildred Ventura Kama ’59, John Ma’e ’60, Kenneth Uchima ’59.


Thanks to you all for the Hawaiian Air gift certificate.  Steve and I went to Hilo for Steve’s 45th class reunion.  We had a blast.  Their class reunions come up with some good ideas and that’s where we get to experiment these ideas.  Of course, the three nites of hospitality room is our (quad class) thing.  Anyway, they started with a Thursday nite picnic potluck at Wailoa State Park.  They had soooo much food, we had to throw some away (yikes!!).  They had good helpers from the quad class:  Janet & Amy Ichinose, Jean Maeda Matsumura, Louella Lovell Gramberg, Tootsie Nakamaru, Jane Okazaki, Jeanne Higashi, Herbert Daimonji, me (Judy) and Rita, Jean’s friend from Oahu.  We worked hard!! Friday, they went on the Vanilla Farm tour in Paauilo and lunch at the Farm Restaurant.  Friday nite they went to the Yacht Club for pupus and entertainment until 9pm.  After that, hospitality room with us guys helping again. Saturday was a tour and lunch at Imiloa Astronomy Center. Saturday nite was their banquet at the Hilo Hawaiian.  They had entertainment, games and video productions, and dancing until 11pm.  That evening, hospitality room served left-overs with lots of miso soup with opihi and Filipino style mongo beans.  By Sunday we were all pooped out.  Steve and I left Hilo Sunday afternoon and reached Las Vegas at 7am Monday and we had to go straight to work!!  Wasn’t too bad, with earplugs, got some sleep on the plane.


The Class of 1960 held a mini reunion in Honolulu on October 13th.  Tootsie and several gals went from Hilo.  Patrick Carreira reported  it was fun.


Ke Akua Pu,     Judy